ecmware offers different solutions depending on the type of client and the objectives to be pursued:

  • DMPs
  • DSPs
  • Media Sellers/SSPs
  • Marketing Automation Softwares
  • CRMs
  • Data Suppliers
  • Trading Desks
  • BI

Programmatic buying

The selection of content within programmatic buying is important to reduce costs and increase conversions. By identifying content patterns we are able to identify what are the best content. And that’s where our organization identifies what content makes easier the final decision of the product by consumers.

User Profile Enrichment

Through the recognition of the content that consumers are exposed, and through their answer to it, we can enrich the profiles more accurately, identifying their preferences, interests and willingness to purchase a product.

Marketing Automation

Through recognition of the content that consumers respond in a better way, we can optimize the contents we launched our consumers, obtaining a higher ROI.

Business intelligence

We can evaluate our and competitors business from a specific consumer perspective, making business decisions as a whole.