Our mission is aimed at improving customer experiences, communicating with them specifically when they require it.

During 4 years we have been working in order to create an artificial system based in authomatic learning. Through an algorithmic learning system we get a continuous improvement of the results.

In addition, applying specific rules, and analyzing consumer behavior, we are able to predict the behavior of consumers in specialized content environments of each market. This allows us to predict its behavior with very high accuracy to certain products and markets. In this way, we can identify more predisposed consumers to buying a particular product.

[rt_icon_list list_style=»style-2″][rt_icon_list_line icon_name=»icon-ok-circle»]We are prepared to work in Spanish-speaking countries[/rt_icon_list_line][rt_icon_list_line icon_name=»icon-ok-circle»]5000 retail brands with country profiles[/rt_icon_list_line][rt_icon_list_line icon_name=»icon-ok-circle»]50 markets[/rt_icon_list_line][rt_icon_list_line icon_name=»icon-ok-circle»]200 ranges[/rt_icon_list_line][rt_icon_list_line icon_name=»icon-ok-circle»]110 business areas[/rt_icon_list_line][rt_icon_list_line icon_name=»icon-ok-circle»]400 product lines[/rt_icon_list_line][rt_icon_list_line icon_name=»icon-ok-circle»]Restructured information by purchase process phase[/rt_icon_list_line][rt_icon_list_line icon_name=»icon-ok-circle»]Specific market variables of each country[/rt_icon_list_line][/rt_icon_list]

Business Model

One of the more advanced features is the service development model, which bases its strategy on the market and then identified, from a detected need, technologies and knowledge for specifics application.


Technological development model is based on observation, identifying the best technologies and integrating and adapting to specific market needs.


Pyramid model of knowledge creation that allows the optimization and growth vision of knowledge in the organization.